Episode 4 - Water & Blood

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 4

Title: Water & Blood

Air Date: 09/18/2013

Length: 01:21

Swear Jar Count: 30. Josh had a 35% chance of death on a critical failure.

Next Episode: Episode 5 - It’s Rainin’ Men, Hallelujah!

Previous Episode: Episode 3 - The One with the Baby!

From the Website

The thrilling conclusion to our investigators' frightful trip to Monhegan Island! Now with 80% less baby noise and 200% more sanity checks!

Episode Synopsis

This week on Cthulhu and Friends...

Roger Martin is dragged into the ocean by Deep Ones. Everyone is very freaked out about this. So then they go back to the house and wake up drunk Allen. He's no longer drunk anymore and is kind of a badass. He offers to have everyone hop in his car and get away, but the villagers try to stop them. As they investigators try to flee, bad guys come out of the small hatch from the kitchen. The investigators slam the door and lock it to prevent them from coming through. This only leaves them the option of escaping out the front door where there's a standoff and the group has to shoot their way out. Not everyone makes their way out. The twins are drawing attention to them as they try to escape, and Jack shoots one of them. They manage to get to the car after setting the house on fire. Vaeda, upset by the child being shot, passes out. Jack brings her along. Allen runs back into the firey house as the rest of the group makes it to a yacht. Xander kills the other twin and they all make it onto the boat with Deep Ones coming out of the ocean.

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