Episode 4 - Whoa Whoa Whoa

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Episode Stats

Season 3 Episode 4

Title: Whoa Whoa Whoa

Air Date: 4/23/2015

Length: 1:00

Swear Jar Count: 11, Josh has a 15% on his "Imma Die" die rolls for the episode.

Next Episode: Episode 5 - Fear and Loathing on Monhegan Island

Previous Episode: Episode 3 - More Than I Can Chew

From the Website

And old friend returns! A car! A boat! Probably some bad stuff too!

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

At the gas pump, Luna and Jack discuss Jack’s recent changes.

Ronald, inside the station, gets on a radio with LOC HQ. He warns them that they all might be in danger, and that he will remain in contact.

After refueling, Luna drives them away from the station and towards St. Paxton. As they enter the town, Jack and Luna notice things have changed. As they drive to Jack’s house, they notice the lights are on. Jack decides to investigate, and Ronald protests that they don’t have time.

After arming up the group moves towards the front door. As they get near, Ronald and Jack hear chanting. Jack realized they are trying to summon him. Jack gets ready to burn down the house, and Ronald protests again.

Jack decides to flip a coin, which leads him to leave the house alone. As they are driving away Ronald sees Harold step out of the front door and disappear. Harold reappears in front of the car, and Luna accelerates to hit him. After getting run over, Harold suddenly appears in the back seat of the car. Harold hypnotizes Ronald, and casts a curse on Luna. Then he leaves. Ronald forgets the whole event, and the group proceeds to the coast.

After getting to a dock Jack spots an old rowboat. Everyone gets into the boat, except Luna who refuses. Jack eventually talks her into the boat, and Ronald starts rowing.

The group arrives at the Island, and sees large torches. A strange man carries one of Luna’s sisters to a wooden spike, impales her, and then lights her on fire. Luna charges and slashes this person. The being escapes by floating away into the sky. Suddenly another being appears behind Luna, and she wheels around to attack it. The being explodes as she slashes it. The group starts walking toward the house.

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