Episode 52 - A Dark Future Present

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Episode 52 - A Dark Future Present

Hello Dear Wonderful Listeners! We sure do hope you enjoyed that special trip down memory lane. For you newer listeners, it was a very important milestone. One that we were not sure we would ever reach… but anyways, adventure is now once again afoot! The gang meets back up outside Caer and discuss Thom’s new toy. We also discuss Thom’s somewhat heightened sense of bloodlust. He always had a bit of bloodlust, but now it just seems unmanageable. Little nervous tbqh.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Sexist blacksmith



Aludra and Harper bury her brother using shovels and fireballs then look around the small town by Caer they are in.

They meet back up with Thom who has reappeared with Blood Drinker. There is a great deal of concern for Thom's mental state as he chats to sword in his head.

Aludra meets a sexist blacksmith and Harper claims to be a feminist. We get to know them a bit more. Harper harps on about his dark past.

Thom reveals he may have done a little bit of murdering after he is found with a hobo' s backpack. Aludra and Harper are horrified.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Backburner] - Retrieve Thom the Dragonborn's memories
  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
  • [NEW][Active] - Find out the deal with Thom's hobos