Episode 53 - Revenge of the Hobo

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Episode 53 - Revenge of the Hobo

Hello wonderful denizens of the Astral Plain or Feywild! Please sit upon your chaos rock or your giant bewitched toadstool and conjure up another episode of Drunks and Dragons. This week we deal with certain poor decisions that may or may not have been made. Really, it is anyone’s guess as to how our acts ripple across the planar fabric of time. Know this, you are judged not just on your actions alone, but of those that you travel with. Be careful out there.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Some hobgoblins



The gang has advanced to level 8 and gives us a quick update on their new powers. We also go through a nice visual description of everybody, in an effort to create some more vivid word pictures in the brains of the sweet, sweet listeners. There is an in depth discussion of whether pants exist in this world, as there is no pants slot on the character sheet. Lord Titus Harper reveals that he has been walking around with his robe open the entire time. Luckily he's super attractive so nobody minds.

They received word from Ros that the boat will meet them in the town of Fairmire so they head out in that direction. But they don't get far when they are accosted by a gang of homeless hobgoblins (hobogoblins, if you will). The leader points to Thom and claims that he killed their friend. At first Harper and Aludra seem willing to let Thom take a beating for his misdeed. But the hobogoblins announce loudly and pointedly that they will attack the town after defeating the party. So they get into a rousing battle which includes Thom attempting to use his Battle Crazed Greatsword as a spear and failing miserably (even though they're only minions).

At the end of the fight Thom reveals that he only killed the original hobo because he was beating up an old lady. Though Thom is quick to explain the he was totally looking for a hobo to kill, this one just happened to be doing something bad.


  • Level 8!

Quest Log Updates

  • [Backburner] - Retrieve Thom the Dragonborn's memories
  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
  • [Complete] - Find out the deal with Thom's hobos