Episode 54 - Ice Cream for Bucky

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Episode 54 - Ice Cream for Bucky

Having discovered the error of their snap judgement on Thom the Dragonborn, the crew decides to take a relaxing little time off in a small town. The whole gang shows up! Ros, Bucky and even Daisy enjoyed a little bit of R and R. Of course this will be one of the last moments of comforts that the gang has since they will be journeying to House Vadalis in the near future. You have to make memories while you can. Take you son out for ice cream. Give you donkey good oates. All those things make a healthy and well rounded life.

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The party reunites with the boat and the reactions are mixed. Harper actually doesn't even go on the boat, he goes shopping for ritual components. Aludra and Bucky hug and Bucky asks Aludra why she left him for so long. Aludra awkwardly explains that they didn't think they would be gone so long. Bucky tearfully begs them to take him off the boat, because he's been on there nonstop for 20 straight episodes. Aludra and Thom agree to take him out for ice cream. Ros on the other hand is pissed at Thom for leaving them alone, and for leaving her alone. She slaps him, which doesn't really have the intended effect (or does it) and complains about Harper's badger.

Thom, Aludra, Bucky and Daisy head off to the only store in town to get some ice cream. The shopkeeper has no idea what ice cream is, but he does have some legitimately delicious sounding honeycakes. They buy out his entire stock of honeycakes, much to his delight. Then Bucky spies something in the corner, a small saddle one might put on a donkey. After some arguably entertaining bartering and discussion the gang buys some horses, a wagon and the saddle for Bucky. Exciting!

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