Episode 55 - Welcome to Evening Shire

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"Instead of 3d10, it is 3d1..." ~ Mike Bachmann


Episode 55 - Welcome to Evening Shire

There is something strange in this neighborhood. Unfortunately, the only heroes around to be called are the Drunks and Dragons. Listen as we try to unravel the spooky mysteries of this strange town while we try to rescue someone close to our hearts. Weirdly enough, the citizens of Evening Shire seem to think their town is somewhat normal.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters




Our stalwart heroes (plus Aludra, Thom and Harper) head off on the road to The Ruins of House Vidalis. They ride for quite a while and Harper does some cake alchemy to create a nice batch of Ye Olde Bond of Gold. Sometime in there Harper goes to a hidden castle and fights a wizard. Ros points out a nearby town where they can rest up and get more supplies, because Thom and Aludra eat so much. No wonder Bucky is so skinny.

They arrive in the town and see a large, strange glowing cloud floating above. While they investigate it they meet an average looking dude who spouts some nonsense and welcomes them to Evening Shire. He then helpfully directs them to Big Rico's General Store but warns them they can't get anything with wheat or wheat products. Which does rule out beer though Aludra seems too enchanted with the town to notice. While they are shopping Ros bursts into the store and tells them that hooded figures attacked and took Bucky. Then a human looking lady with white hair and blue eyes enters the store. She introduces herself as Lex, who was sent here by a coven of witches to watch over the strange town of Evening Shire. Thom recognizes her as a changeling and she asks for their help getting rid of the Glow Cloud. Lex explains that they should go talk to Carlos to find out more about where Bucky was taken.

They go find Carlos, who is just so dreamy and has great hair, and he agrees to help them out. Carlos and Harper have a bit of a science vs magic dick measuring contest, but then Carlos explains that Bucky is probably in the dog park (don't talk about it). He says that he sent some assistants in there with amulets but they have disappeared. Carlos gives them an item to plant and activate in the dog park to hopefully remove the Glow Cloud and free Bucky.

On the way to the DP, the Glow Cloud starts raining dead animals down on the party. They begin a skill challenge to make their way through. Thom manages to roar so loud that he blows the animals away from them, Skyrim style. Harper ends up trapped beneath an awning full of dead animals but he busts out. Aludra tries to heal him but he rebuffs her because he's trying to look cool. Lex manages to get him fixed up though.

They successfully reach the dog park and we will see what happens next week.


  • First appearance of Nika Howard as a Player!
  • Ye Olde Bond of Gold is made with Honey Cake
  • Bucky is level 0

Quest Log Updates

  • [Backburner] - Retrieve Thom the Dragonborn's memories
  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
  • [NEW][Active] - Save Bucky from the Dog Park