Episode 57 - A Magickless World

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"This is literal railroading!" ~ Mike Bachmann


Episode 57 - A Magickless World

Truly is is horrible to think what our world would be without magick. A magickless world is almost too much to even think about. This is the peril the gang find themselves in after saving bucky from the Dog Park of Evening Shire. Something strange indeed is going on and they may not be able to solve the mystery on their own. Luckily an old friends stops by to lend a hand.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



After leaving Evening Shire and on the road Bucky is feeling under the weather and soon after so does Harper. His magic can no longer be used. Being worried, Thom and Aludra begin to make a tasty stew when all of a sudden Bucky passes out. Doing a quick heal check, Thom sees that there is nothing physically wrong with the boy. Shortly after, Harper faints. A shimmer appears over the fire with a familiar voice accompanying it. To the groups surprise, Tum "Darkblade" Thumble has, in spirit, come to visit them asking for help. A being from the Feywild plane named Julemanden is sucking all magic out of the world on the day of the Winter Solstice. Tum grabs both Aludra and Thom's spirits and takes them to another dimension with big trees and snow continuously falling; some would say, a winter wonderland. They all meet with Tum's contact Hermey the Elf (who is a dentist), and tells them they will need to go back in time to save Julemanden's sister Fan, who died on this exact day, and, by doing that, should prevent this from ever happening.


  • Reappearance of Tum Darkblade
  • There is no D&D Jesus. Just Hell.
  • This may be the first time a player has played two characters in one episode

Quest Log Updates

A song, by Steph Kingston

You know Thom

and Aludra

and Bucky

and Lord Titus Harper?


and Salty


and Xantolin?

But do you recall?

The most sly flourish of all?

Tum the Darkblade, had a very dead body

But on the Winter solstice

he came back for all to see

He told his friends, the party

They had to stop Julemanden

Before he stole all the magic

And totally killed Bucky

They traveled to the Feywild

Met Tum's friend Hermey

Hermey sent them back in time

To save Julemanden's sister one night

They saved her from pianos,

snakes, creeks, and the flu too

Fan lived and young Julemanden...

Didn't turn into a dick

Didn't turn intooooo a diiiiiiick! Yay!