Episode 5 - Feed the Machine

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 5

Title: Feed the Machine

Air Date: 05/21/2014

Length: 01:09

Swear Jar Count: No count. Staci gets a 10% penalty to their "Imma Die" die for the game.

Next Episode: Episode 6 - Renaissance Men

Previous Episode: Bloopisode 3

From the Website

Back on Earth, the Gang tries to make the best of a bad situation. Eddie gets by with a little help from his friends, and we’re introduced to a mysterious new NPC!

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and Friends…

After escaping the submerged ship, the group paddles towards shore in an inflatable raft. Somewhere along the way Officer 42 goes missing. After getting to the shore a man helps pull them in. Cameron and Lily notice a huge ball of fire in the sky where the station used to be. Cameron manages to trade the raft for the man to guide them to a nearby Mason facility.

After figuring out where they need to go, Cameron and Lily struggle with how to transport Eddie. Fortunately, the helpful man returns with a child’s wagon and the group straps Eddie in. Cameron and Lily then travel with the man, who introduces himself as Rob, to his house. At the house Lily and Cameron figure out how to reboot Eddie, but find that they don’t have the necessary tools to do it.

Cam and Lily set off with Rob in the morning. Once outside they notice that it rained blood the night before. After a long day of traveling, the party arrives at an old ranch house surrounded by chain-link fence. Rob requests access on an intercom, and the gate opens. A woman with a large rifle greets them, and introduces herself as Tess. She immediately notices Eddie, and brings the lifeless android into her house. Tess explains that she used to work on the space station with the Masons, and sets Eddie up for a reboot. Eddie finally “wakes up” confused. Lily fills him in on all the details. Then Eddie finds out from Tess that they used to work together years ago, and that they were more than friends. The conversation leads to discussion about an artifact known only as the bronze box. After hearing that two infamous men, Harold and Jack, can somehow sense the bronze box Cameron reveals that he has the box in his possession. Eddie asks where the key is, and Tess drops it onto the table in front of the group. And that’s where we left off in this episode.

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