Episode 61 - Tavern of WHOA

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Episode 61 - Tavern of WHOA

We continue through the land of Vidalis as we try to piece together just what the hey is going on with all this mess. The gang formulates a plan that, oddly enough, involves Aludra drinking. Also, there is an unfortunate bit of sausage related humor. We apologize for that.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Heading to the tavern at House Vidalis the gang tries to decide what to do about the whole clone revelation. They follow three Thom Clones to a tavern where they decide Aludra will drink them under the table. Aludra begins to chat up the clones and they immediately find her very attractive (natch, Aludra's super sexy). One of them orders a fish bucket and we all know what that means. It's not for eating.

Aludra loses her nerve a little and pretends to go to the bathroom. She rejoins Thom and Harper where they begin to have an extensive time travel/clones theory conversation. It takes about 3 hours and it's very confusing. Eventually they roll to find that it's a Jengo Fett situation. They also realize they have been accidentally plotting to kill the clones, because they're so used to murder. Harper offers to go just talk to them and Thom tells him he needs to take his dick out. There is a serious discussion of rolling for dick size. Harper considers it but eventually decides to use a sausage as a fake dick and crits his bluff roll. The Thom Clones think this is very amusing and accept Harper into their ranks. They talk a bit and Harper learns that the clones cannot tell themselves apart. The only distinguishing factor is that Thom Vidalis carries Blood Drinker.

After all this they leave and head up to the main part of House Vidalis.


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