Episode 62 - To Know Thyself

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Episode 62 - To Know Thyself

It is a terrible thing to have to face all that you are without the cool, calming balm that our memories tend to apply to all our shortcomings. Friends, family – please accept our newest entry into the Drunks and Dragons saga. Please also take a look into your own heart. Look into your mirror without any pretense. Our show is firstly a self-help podcast aimed to purge, however painfully, any imperfections that exist within your tortured soul. Bonana.

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The party heads up to the main keep of House Vidalis. The House Vidalis House one might say. The guard at the front sees Blood Drinker and assumes our Thom is Thom Vidalis. The guard lets them in and asks where they want to go. Since Thom has no idea where to go he gets the guard to bring them to what ends up being a large pair of double doors.

They go inside to find Thom Vidalis sitting at his desk working. Our Thom and Blood Drinker have a quick and not very useful conversation about killing the pretender. Blood Drinker is not exactly a subtle thing. Thom Vidalis is immediately suspicious that our Thom is also carrying Blood Drinker. Harper and Aludra claim to be merchant sorcerers who can copy Blood Drinker but it doesn't work so well. Our Thom eventually admits that they are time travelers from a dark future where the Cleric of Orcus has ruined House Vidalis and the world. Thom Vidalis says that the Cleric is his key to defeating Pelor's Hope. The party doesn't quite register this at first, to many fan's disgruntlement. Despite our Thom's well rolled attempts at diplomacy Thom Vidalis finds their explanation unsatisfactory and draws his Blood Drinker.

They begin to fight and when the two Blood Drinkers hit each other Thom Vidalis's sword cracks and all the blood pours out of it. It collects and is absorbed by our Thom's Blood Drinker. Combat continues and they try not to kill Thom Vidalis. However Blood Drinker has other ideas and jumps forward to sink right into Thom Vidalis's chest. As Thom Vidalis dies on his blade, our Thom's memories come flooding back.

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