Episode 65 - The Fall of House Vidalis

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Episode 65 - The Fall of House Vidalis

As our heroes come to grips with the chaos of slaughter around them they realize “Hey, how the heck to do get home?” They also have a few questions for Harper. Mostly, “Hey, how do you know who Finnekin is?” or “Hey, what the heck was that thing you used to stop the Brazier of Worlds? Pretty convenient.” Hopefully, this won’t affect their relationship.

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Non-Player Characters



Surrounded by dead demons, the party wonders now how the hell to get back to their own time. An orange light erupts from The Brazier of Worlds and the voice of Fennekin emits from it. Fennekin lets them know that he can use the Brazier to bring them back to their own time, it's just going to take an hour.

In their hour they go down to the vault since Thom remembers the layout of the castle. They find the vault mostly looted but manage to intimidate some fleeing servants into dropping some gold. They pick up a lot of loot and go down to the stables to find them on fire. They rescue a bunch of griffins before Fennekin tells them that it's time to go home through the portal.

Aludra, Harper, and Thom all ride griffins into the portal and disappear. Bucky rides with Thom and then Ros brings Daisy and 5 more griffins with her. They all disappear into the portal and the episode ends.


Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [Active] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin