Episode 67 - Stump Grinding

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Episode 67 - Stump Grinding

Saddle up and get ready to take a spin on your brand new griffon, it’s another episode of the Drunks and Dragons podcast! This week, Thom and Aludra have some serious questions about Harper’s motivations, along with each other’s parenting abilities.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



We open the podcast to find that Tim Lanning is a sad sickface so he's not around. In his honour, the rest of the podcasters proceed to do all the things he normally hates, like talk about super self referential jokes and the fact that Michael "Thrifty Nerd" DiMauro went to school with Seth McFarlane. Then Jennifer and Bachmann realize that without Tim there they actually have to do the recap.

Getting into the story we find Aludra riding her griffon through an orange void. When she comes out on the other end she is alone amidst the ruins of House Vadalis. She looks around for a while and finds some lizardman tracks before Thom and Bucky come through the portal on their griffon. They then discuss whether Thom is the real Thom or not because it turns out that we still don't really know. Thom sends Bucky to go whack his stump while they discuss whether they really trust Harper. Ros comes through the portal with the rest of the griffon but Harper is nowhere to be seen.

They discuss in ridiculous detail the physics involved in Bucky jumping through the portal to no real purpose. There is some tangential reference to the Daisy Scroll before talking more about Bucky's stump whacking. Then everybody tries to figure out the reproductive systems of griffons and Jennifer becomes the first person to ever Google that.

Ros spurs them into action by mentioning that the day is fading, but Aludra points out that there are lizardmen all over the place. They try to figure out what to do with The Brazier of Worlds while still waiting for Harper. Aludra votes in favour of waiting for Harper and then tries to solve her parental dispute with Thom by drinking. Ros stays with Bucky while Thom and Aludra explore the area and then realize that they have fucking griffons and can fly. They fly around for a while and while Aludra has some troubles, Thom takes to griffon riding quickly. They scope out a camp of lizard people nearby.

After deciding to not attack the lizard men quite yet, they return to the camp to sleep for the night. Aludra takes the first watch and in the night the Brazier suddenly disappears.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [Active] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin
      • [NEW][Active] - Find the Brazier