Episode 68 - Over Hydrated

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Episode 68 - Over Hydrated

Hello dear listeners! I don’t even have to say that things in this episode get dicey. After the cliffhanger of an ending last week there isn’t a universe where things don’t get dicey. Maybe the diceyness will leave you asking yourself more questions than you would prefer. That is okay. It is all apart of the audio art that is Drunks and Dragons. Challenge yourself and really listen to our pain. You will be glad you did.

Cast and Player Characters



Aludra and Thom wait out the night at camp wondering if the Brazier of Worlds will return. They can hear the sounds of it but sometime in the night a griffon appears and flies away from them. Aludra and Thom pursue it on their own griffons, convinced that they see Harper riding it. Thom and Aludra masterfully maneuver their griffons to catch up with Harper.

Just as Aludra and Thom catch up with Harper a giant monster head bursts out of the trees and drags Harper down. Thom and Aludra discuss whether they should actually help him, but decide they at least need to get the Brazier back. Below the trees they find Harper in a clearing with a mighty 4 headed Hydra. Harper is fighting for his life trying to get away. He promises to tell them the truth if they help him kill the Hydra.

This fight breaks bad for them pretty hard. Aludra takes a massive amount of damage, enough to almost kill her. The Hydra beats the shit out of them and we end on a cliffhanger.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [Active] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin
      • [Complete] - Find the Brazier
      • [NEW][Active] - Rescue Harper from the Hydra