Episode 69 - Over Hydrated Part Two

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Episode 69 - Over Hydrated Part Two

We continue with our battle against the dreaded and deadly Hydra. But the real battle is between our adventurers. Who can say what is going on beneath their cool exteriors? What drives our heroes from the core of their being? These answers could help save the lives of thousands.

Cast and Player Characters



The party continues to fight the vicious Hydra from the previous episode. Things look pretty dire for a while before Aludra heals herself up. Harper places some well timed acid attacks to keep the Hydra from regrowing heads. Eventually Thom crits using Blood Drinker and does enough damage he could almost kill himself in one hit. He kills the Hydra so hard he shoots through it and pops out the other side.

Harper immediately continues to try and flee on Thom's griffon but the beast does not listen to him. Thom and Aludra catch up and force him to come clean on his betrayal. Harper explains that Fennekin is not who they think and that he has captured Harper's family and is holding them hostage. Harper explains that his mentor Longcryer was an acolyte of Fennekin and burned down Harper's home. Fennekin told Harper to help Aludra and Thom retrieve the artifacts but then return with the Brazier without them. Harper begs them to help him rescue his family.

They discuss this for a bit and Thom is very reluctant to help Harper. But Aludra convinces him that it's the right thing to do and that she'll give him some gold.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active?] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [Active?] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin
      • [Complete] - Rescue Harper from the Hydra
      • [NEW][Active] - Rescue Harper's family from Fennekin