Episode 6 - The Return of the Eight Legged Freaks

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Episode 6 - The Return of the Eight Legged Freaks

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The gang speaks with Ballard and learns that the holdfast they escaped from is called Shadowspar Keep, and that it is ruled by a certain Lord Milnor with the assistance of a lackey named Thokas who makes frequent journeys to Mastwick. Our favorite verbally abusive elf friend Luccan informs the gang that there was a zombie hulk raid on his village two nights ago. Though his people killed most of them, the undead leader managed to escape. Luccan also tells them of a "place of power" deep in the forest.

The team journeys to the place of power, but on the way are attacked by those goddamn Labrador sized spiders, the eight legged bastards. After being double poisoned, Thom the Dragonborn succumbs to his wounds and falls unconscious. Aludra the Dwarf stabilizes him. The concept of "Tantric Death" is introduced. Junpei Iori finishes off a giant spider using spirit rend, directing all of the gore onto Tum Darkblade, because why not? After combat, Thom awakes, and the party find that they are now level two! Aludra walks off into a copse of trees and is absorbed by a bright light. What could it be? We will find out in Episode 7 - The Next Level!


Ballard tells them that the holdfast they came from is called Shadowspar Keep, run by Lord Milnor, and his lackey Thokas. Luccan tells them of a place of great power out in the forest, which they go to. They fight some more spiders and level up to level 2! Then Aludra enters the place of great power.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Postponed] - Find out who the players are
    • [Postponed] - Find a way back into the holdfast
  • [Complete] - Get supplies/information from the citizens of the city
  • [New][Active] - Investigate the source of great power in the forest
  • [NEW][Optional] - Find the Zombie Hulk leader who attacked Luccan's village