Episode 72 - The Temple of Ghostly Evil

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{From left to right:} Thom Vidalis, Lord Titus Harper, and Aludra Wyrmsbane


Episode 72 - The Temple of Ghostly Evil

We all make poor decisions, gang. We all think to ourselves “Mark, I have time to inspect this spooky temple. I will live forever.” Well, Mark, you won’t. Listen this week as your wonderful adventurers learn how to make new friends and maybe a little something about the history of this great nation. Also, remember not to point fingers in a time of crisis. Also, try to roll about a 6.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



After defeating the troglodytes the party spares one to question. Harper reminds them repeatedly that his family is in grave danger and that Fennekin is expecting him with the Brazier of Worlds. The troglodyte speaks up and tells them about a temple in the jungle with lots of treasure and paragon level magic. They debate it for a few minutes but Harper insists that they really do need to go save him family and that the temple isn't going anywhere. In the face of this irrefutable logic Thom decides that he's sick of doing the "right thing" and heads off into the jungle with the griffons and troglodyte.

Harper and Aludra decide they don't have much choice since it will take forever to get back without the griffons. They trek off into the jungle and converse with the troglodyte along the way. She tells them her name is Deborah and that the temple is uninhabited. We also learn all about month names in this world and find out that Ros's birthday is in Hammer. Then Thrifty, Bachmann, and Jennifer get excited to find they all have birthdays close together only to remember that they already knew that.

They arrive at the temple and Deborah begins to guide them through the traps outside the temple. Ros and Bucky decline to enter because “It seems like a pretty dumb idea.” As they travel through the traps they get closer to the temple, which looks like a sweet Aztec-y stepped pyramid. Suddenly Deborah sprints forward (because they did not tie her up in any way) and triggers a trap that drops them all into the darkness below. Deborah loses her balance and also falls in with them.

When they reach the bottom they are in darkness and the air is thick and foul smelling. They ask Deborah where they are and she claims that they are all doomed. We learn that the air is poison that slowly chips away at their healing surges unless they can save against it. Aludra takes a good look around and Thrifty forgets to tell her that there's a door in the room. The room is full of little niches with scenes of troglodytes mythology. There is also a diorama with figurines in it. Once Thrifty remembers to reveal the door they realize that one of the figurines has a staff that looks like it will fit the door. They pick up the figurine and it crumbles to dust, summoning an angry spirit.

The spirit attacks them and begins to start summoning other spirits. The party does some excellent maneuvering and destroys them before too many get summoned. They open the door and peek outside to see a spooky hallway and we end the episode.


  • This episode marks the start of an extremely long-running dynamic between the characters that has Harper wanting to do something vital to himself, (such as saving his family, or a specific member, thereof) that the rest of the cast votes against doing, much to Harper's/Tim's frustrations

Quest Log Updates

  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [On-hold] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin
      • [On-hold] - Rescue Harper's family from Fennekin
  • [NEW][Active] - Investigate Temple of Ghostly Evil