Episode 73 - The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 2

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Episode 73 - The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 2

Hello listeners and casual observers. I hope you are ready for more intense dungeon delving because that is what we have in store for you. I would be most ashamed for not mentioning that we recorded this episode LIVE AND IN PERSON for the first time! This will explain any reason the audio doesn’t match up to our normally rigid standards. It was a blast to finally look each other in the eye as we rolled to save our lives against the evil Michael DiMauro.

Cast and Player Characters

All in the same room this time

Non-Player Characters



In this very special episode the party is all together IRL for the first time. They're drinking Budweiser and touching knees and it's very adorable. Thrifty's wife is also apparently lurking in the background, presumably shaking her head the entire time. Dank dungeon walls are referenced constantly.

In the game, the party exits the ghost room, and they find a hallway with stone carved into bamboo. As we learn over the course of the next few episodes the party never remembers to check for traps ever. So they walk down the hallway and immediately get injured by a trap.

They continue on and find another room with some piles of rocks in it. They detect some magic but aren't sure what to do with it. As they step into the room a smaller pile wakes up and turns into a crablike rock monster. They debate whether to attack or not before trying to speak to it. Shocking, I know.

They speak to the creature and the larger one wakes up and let's them know they can't pass. They introduce themselves and find that his name is Kalka-Kylla. Thom bluffs that his sister has the same name and they convince the rock man that his sister totally went to private primal school and he wouldn't know her. Rock man decides that they seem cool and let's them pass.

The next place they enter has an exceptionally nasty blast of poison gas which knocks Harper immediately unconcious. Aludra goes to ask Rock Man for help, though he knows nothing, Jon Snoeeeew. While Aludra is gone Thom checks out the various jars of liquids in the room and smears some really nasty goop all over Harper's face. Harper awakens and Thrifty reveals that if they had all fallen unconscious they would have all totally died.


  • In this episode, Thom saves Harper's life. This is not forgotten about by either party for a while, and is frequently referenced, so if you are curious about when that happened, this is then that that happened

Quest Log Updates

  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [On-hold] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin
      • [On-hold] - Rescue Harper's family from Fennekin
  • [Active] - Investigate Temple of Ghostly Evil