Episode 75 - The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 4

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Thom Vidalis cares not for hatchets, preferring Blood Drinker


Episode 75 - The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 4

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that cursed ax, amirite? Michael sure is a tricky monster who must be destroyed. Fear not, lovers of blood drinker, there are ways to fix this curse. OR ARE THERE. Who can say? Our pain is your entertainment, however, so we will continue on our path through this scary temple. Again, we move very slowly since we are afraid of being tricked and dying in every single room.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



WARNING - This episode will have Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song stuck in your head.

The cursed battle axe prevents Thom from even carrying Blood Drinker, let alone wielding it, which forces one of his companions to step up and tote the great sword around for him. Aludra agrees to keep Blood Drinker in her bag of holding. However, as soon as she touches it, the sword speaks to her, and Thom gives her a knowing look.

Once Blood Drinker is tucked away, they head south and enter a room full of putrid, algae ridden water that smells like farts. Thom forces Debra, a mother to sixteen children, to swim across the water to ensure it is safe for them to pass. Nothing happens.

The adventurers continue into the next room where Aludra notices an amulet in the water. It’s made of brass with a large snail-shaped gemstone in its center. Once again, Thom nudges Debra into the foul water, but this time, something pulls her under and the water is tinged red (#RIPDebra #16orphans #WaterMonsters).

A massive snail-like creature emerges from the water. He is Taekozikakoel, Lord of the Snails. The group persuades him to help them by returning his amulet—the one that they had just found. The snail stretches out and forms a squishy bridge for them to cross and avoid Debra’s fate.

Suddenly, they hear a melodious voice singing in the next room:

Baby, baby, baby oh

Like baby, baby, baby no

The water is clear and inviting and there is a heavenly-looking creature standing in front of two partially submerged doors, and she looks sexy as heck. Aludra tries to talk to her, but the creature continues to sing. Thom is entranced by her song and wants to bone her.

When Harper throws an acid ball into the water, a crocodilian-humanoid bursts out of the water wearing an elaborate headdress and holding a trident. Roll for initiative.

Aludra kills the crocodilian creature by smashing his jaw with her hammer. Meanwhile, Harper burns the siren alive when she tries to kiss him because he prefers raven-haired beauties with elf ears…and because she was causing Thom psychic damage.

Quest Log Updates

  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [On-hold] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin
      • [On-hold] - Rescue Harper's family from Fennekin
  • [Active] - Investigate Temple of Ghostly Evil