Episode 78 - The Long Road to Caer

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Aludra Wyrmsbane, ready for battle


Episode 78 - The Long Road to Caer

After a grueling battle against a many eyed beholder, the gang is simply happy to be breathing fresh air. After a big breaths and dividing up the loot they make their return voyage to Caer. But, as it often happens, our return trip was not as easy as one would hope… you see we were slowed down at many stages and had to help innocent people. It was terrible.

Cast and Player Characters



The gang has defeated the Beholder and it's time to finally get on the road to Caer. And how best to travel long distances? By skill challenge of course! This one is different, made into 3 sets of 3 so that each person must do at least one skill.

Thom starts by summoning all the griffons, then Harper scares away some lizard folk. As they mount the griffons they are beset upon by some wyverns, but Aludra directs them through some flying maneuvers to safety.

As they continue to fly along, they see a caravan that is being attacked by monsters below. Thom intimidates the fuck out of them by doing a scary 3 point Titanfall landing. The caravan has no reward to give them so they fly away immediately. They stop to rest at an inn but there is no room, biblical style. Rather than find a nice manger, Harper convinces the owner that Thom is a dragonborn prince who must have a room, and they get a good night's sleep. On the next flight it rains heavily and they stop at a town whose dam is about to crumble. Aludra figures out how to fix it and they save the town. Again there is no reward so they fly away in a huff.

After several days of flying without food, the team barely manages to struggle into a nearby cave. Luckily Aludra finally uses her dungeoneering to make a delicious mushroom soup. It's so good Thom and Harper actually thank her out loud. They eventually get to Caer and Thom convinces the guards to let them in without much fuss. However they get accosted by guards on the way to the Temple of Erathis. Harper tries to get them out of it but fails his roll and they must escape on foot.

The episode ends with them at the door of the Temple of Erathis.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active?] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
    • [Active?] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin
      • [Active] - Rescue Harper's family from Fennekin