Episode 79 - I Am Sorry

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{From left to right:} Aludra Wyrmsbane, Lord Titus Harper, and, Thom Vidalis, all riding Griffons


Episode 79 - I Am Sorry

This is a shorter episode of Drunks and Dragons. I hope you don’t take that out against us since we tried to pack as much story into this shorter episode as the digital walls could stand. No, what this episode lacks in length it more than makes up for in emotion. So prepare your hearts and minds for a confrontation that has been 79 episodes in the making.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Standing at the entrance to the Temple of Erathis, the party debates how to go about this next step. They eventually decide on Harper going in first to talk to Fennekin, while Thom and Aludra sneak in later. Harper goes to Fennekin's office and waits there while the other two meander around. When Harper meets Fennekin, Thom and Aludra listen at the door.

Fennekin confronts Harper about being late, and about how he has grown to become friends with Thom and Aludra. Fennekin also implies that Harper is falling for Aludra, which he doesn't deny. Fennekin opens the door magically and brings the other two in. He thanks them for bringing the items and asks for the Brazier of Worlds but they are a little hesitant. They confront Fennekin about Harper's family and whether he can properly remove the devices from their heads.

Aludra does an Insight check and definitely gets a feeling of suspicion, which they promptly do very little about. Thom asks if Fennekin put the devices in their heads and Fennekin asks them if they've figured out what he wants to do with the artifacts. Harper threatens to destroy the Brazier which Thom advises against because it's their only leverage. Fennekin shows them a mirror that appears to show Harper's family in a cell, and Harper determines that it's a true scrying.

Aludra asks again what Fennekin is doing with the artifacts and he asks if they're figured it out. They guess that he's using it to bring a giant demon in the world and they are mostly correct. Fennekin reveals that he is trying to create a large portal to bring many demons into the world. He also reveals that he is not a cleric of Erathis but in fact a cleric of Orcus!

Fennekin detonates the devices in Thom and Aludra's heads, killing them instantly. The players have a mad set of amazement-giggles. Fennekin claims that he kept his word and removed the devices, having never specified how he would do that. He tells Harper that he can either give him the Brazier or save him family, but he won't be leaving alive either way. Harper tries and fails to destroy the Brazier and hears Ros whisper "I'm so sorry Harper." before she stabs him through the heart from behind.

Yeah. It's pretty fucked up.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Failed] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads<s>
    • <s>[Complete] - Return the Brazier to Fennekin<s>
      • <s>[Failed] - Rescue Harper's family from Fennekin