Episode 7 - Blood, Milk, and Sky

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 7

Title: Blood, Milk, and Sky

Air Date: 06/04/2014

Length: 01:13

Swear Jar Count: 32, Mike gets a 30% penalty on their "Imma Die" die for the game.

Next Episode: Episode 8 - Vengeance. Justice.

Previous Episode: Episode 6 - Renaissance Men

From the Website

Being a pilot is serious business. I’m serious, you guys. Seriously.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and Friends…

Back aboard Mason One, Erik moves through the Mason’s family complex and spots Riley lying in a pool of blood. However, he finds that she is still alive. Due to Riley’s injuries Erik places her into a medical pod. Erik then defrosts Emmett, and Warren Mason. Erik explains that Eddie has left for Earth, and the station is about to self-destruct. Erik receives instructions from Warren, and then he puts him back into cryostasis. Emmett sets about moving the Masons aboard a ship and gathering supplies for departure from the station. Riley’s procedure in the medical pod finishes, and she exits with a prosthetic leg. Erik greets her at the entrance.

After a brief conversation they decide to move her ship into the hold of a larger lab ship. After docking Riley prepares the Lab ship for departure. Once the ship had cleared the station Erik receives a call, it’s Jack. He has taken the space station. Erik orders an evacuation of Mason One, and then directs Riley to land the ship on Earth at the Mason Dunwich facility.

Upon disembarkation a large group of people greets the new arrivals. The self-appointed leader of the facility, Randal, tells Erik that they are under constant attack from bipedal feline creatures. Erik seems confused by the decrepit state of the facility. Randal explains further that the facility had been overrun by Jack previously, and they are just barely holding on. Seeing that the people of the facility need guidance Erik assumes control as CEO of the Mason Corporation. Emmett addresses the facility attempting to rally the people. Riley, Erik and Emmett head to separate rooms to retire for the night. Riley jumps into the shower. After hearing a strange noise the curtain is suddenly thrown aside by a large cat person. Riley is slaughtered by the catman slashing her carotid artery. And that's where we left off in this episode.

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