Episode 7 - Schism

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Episode Stats

Season 3 Episode 7

Title: Schism

Air Date: 6/4/2015

Length: 1:04:10

Swear Jar Count: 21, Staci has a 25% on her "Imma Die" die for the episode.

Next Episode: Cthulhu & Friends Scripted: Mason 1 Press Conference

Previous Episode: Episode 6 - Chekhov's Gun

From the Website

The gang tries to escape scenic Monhegan Island. But why? I mean it’s so nice there, right?

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Luna charges to attack, as the Boss begins vomiting magma. With a swipe of her hand, the Boss throws both Luna and Jack out of the window.

After the fall from the window Jack sees that Luna is in critical condition, and prepares lethal dose of sedative for her. Xander sees this and charges at Jack, knocking him away from Luna. After arguing with Jack over what to do, Xander agrees to carry Luna.

Magma begins pouring out of the house, and the group flees to a large, but familiar, cliff face. Vaeda runs and dives off of the cliff into a waiting helicopter. Xander, Jack, and Luna get on board as the magma begins to form into a giant ball. Jack drops a gold trinket into the ocean. As they fly off, they see Deep Ones surging onto shore.

While flying back to the mainland, Jack explains that he has a way to open a door to different world.

The Pilot performs an emergency landing in St. Paxton and Jack offers to call Nightgaunts. Suddenly, Luna’s wounds begin to heal as Xander runs his hand over them, however she doesn’t regain consciousness. Jack lights up a cigarette, but begins coughing after inhaling. During his coughing he sees himself in a different place, full of books and strange creatures.

Jack tells the party about his vision. Vaeda connects with his mind, but Mary Mason gets in the way. After pushing Mary away, Vaeda sees the strange location that Jack was talking about.

After the Night Gaunts arrive Jack explains that they might run into Erik Miller. Vaeda becomes incensed at the mention of his name. The party lands near Tess’s house, and notices a note on the front door. Tes has gone to Mason 1 with Jack’s box.

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