Episode 80 - No Turning Back

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Lord Titus Harper, covered in the blood and viscera of Aludra Wyrmsbane, and Thom Vidalis


Episode 80 - No Turning Back

I know you are brimming with anticipation after the ending to our last episode. That was our bad. Fortunately, this episode will give you the answers to you crave. I won’t spoil anything here, but I wonder what zany adventures Baludra the Bwarf will find herself in next week!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Hestavar


In this episode we mostly just see through Aludra's eyes but Thrifty assures us that this is happening to all of them.

Aludra wakes up on a slab made of ice, in a strange dark and cold world. There is a line of people being shepherded by strange knights on zombie horses with raven banners. Aludra figures out that she is probably in the Shadowfell, where dead people end up before being sent for their final judgement based on what deity they had in life.

Aludra skips to the head of the line and talks to somebody. That person explains that she has been claimed by Orcus and that she must enter a firey portal for her eternity of torture and damnation. She tries to leave but is thrown into the portal by the knights. She feels her body about to burn up and passes out.

Aludra, Thom and Harper all wake up in comfortable beds in a beautiful room. They appear to be completely healed and fine. A tall, angelic man with wings tells them that they are in Hestavar, a heavenly city that is the center of power for Erathis and Pelor. He agrees to bring them to Kemul, the leader of Hestavar. He explains that they have been dead for a few weeks and that technically they are still dead. Harper asks about his family and Kemul reveals that his family is mostly dead after all, except his sister.

He wants to take immediate action and Kemul basically explains to them that they fucked up real good. He tells them that he is going to take them to see Erathis but explains a few things first. Erathis is the goddess of civilization and since they caused the collapse of civilization they need to fix it. He tells them that the world is overrun with demons and that Caer has been swallowed into the abyss. Harper gets a bit mopey and Kemul tells him he could go back to the firey hell if he wants. He warns them to be on their best behaviour with Erathis. It doesn't look promising, honestly.

They enter the hall to meet Erathis, who actually just looks like a fairly regular woman. Aludra bows towards her and Erathis basically speaks with the voice of the DM and asks if they had any plan at all going in to see Fennekin. They do not answer very well. They talk a bit about how they probably should have figured that out. Erathis basically tells them that she's counting on their dumb luck not running out. She offers to place her mark on them if they vow to give their lives to her. The mark will protect them from Fennekin and restore them to their bodies. She will bring them to Pelor's Hope, the last bastion of civilization, and they'll even have all their gear. They need to find the Adherant of Erathis in the city, who will have a matching mark.

Erathis then sends them to Pelor's Hope.


  • They live!

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