Episode 82 - Pelor's Hope

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Jaela, the newest member of the party


Episode 82 - Pelor's Hope

What is wrong with the world when we are its final and best hope for survival? Well, questions like that tend to hurt one’s head, so let’s just focus on the “how” of saving the world and avoid the “Oh God Why” for the time being. We are greeted with a brand new adventurer to assist us in our quest! The wait is finally over, we are joined by Nika Howard who is playing Jaela the Deva Avenger. Things are going to get much more dicey, in a purple, halberd wielding, religious way!

Cast and Player Characters



The show starts off just by introducing the characters and describing their paragon paths and whatnot. The most important part is that we introduce Jaela, the new character played by Nika Howard. Jaela is a Deva Avenger and we learn that she is from a city far to the east called Yangahr. They have lots of festival dragons and presumably eat their food with chopsticks. There is also a pretty intense discussion about Harper's new muscles and dick abs.

They discuss what they're going to do next, having a whole wide world of demons ahead of them. Jaela suggest they find the Demonomicon to help with their fight against demons. Jaela buys them some beers and food, while being super adorable the whole time. She also rents a room for them, but they all need to share a bed. Everybody is super into that.


Quest Log Updates