Episode 83 - Voices in the Night

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Thom Vidalis (along with Blood Drinker, hates Gnolls


Episode 83 - Voices in the Night

In what could be described as “the world’s weirdest sleep-over” the gang gets to chat with a handful of folks in order to figure out their next steps. Some of these people were even in the room! Most were not… it was strange. Hopefully we make the correct choice and avoid accidentally ruining the world. Again.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



While having an amazing sleepover together Harper is awakened in the night by a shadowy figure. He introduces himself as Cutpurse Esk and says that he knows Harper's sister Adira. Harper gets very confused about Esk's name and needs to have it explained like 4 times. Esk also mentions that he is a low level member of the Darkblades in Pelor's Hope. He also explains that he is in love with Adira and needs his help to save her. She has been taken somewhere and since the gates of Pelor's Hope are closed Esk cannot leave to find her. Esk gives Harper a magic amulet that will help locate his sister before smokebombing out.

Harper wakes everybody up and tells them what happened. Also apparently Aludra was storing a burrito in her boobs. Which really is a great place for that. Jaela asks why nobody was on watch and the party continues to show their ridiculous trust of everybody. That worked out really well for them last time. But it's okay because Old Man Weck is in their room too and totally watching them. Harper explains that he has rituals he can use to contact his sister. Also at this point Aludra and Thom remember they have a son and demand Harper contact Bucky They send the following Messages:

To Bucky:

Bucky, where are you?
Are you with Ros?
Please tell us where you are.
We will come and find you.
Everything is going alright. (24 words)

Bucky responds:

Hi Uncle Harper.
I thought you were dead.
I'm happy. Except I'm trapped and very scared.
There are big gnolls here. Southwest of Caer. OH!-- (25 words, message cuts off)

To Adira:

Hey sis. Where are you?
I met your boyfriend, he doesn't seem right for you.
Do you need help? We can help you.
We're in Pelor's Hope. (27 words?)

Adira responds:

Glad you are alive.
How dare you? I love my Momo.
Captured by devils. Northwest of Mastwick.
It is very dangerous, be careful big bro. (25 words)

The party has an intense argument about who they need to go find first. Thom and Aludra really want to find their son and kill gnolls, but Harper insists that they owe him one and should go find his sister. Eventually they settle on the sister because they have the amulet from Esk to help find her. (Jaela mentions having known a good gnoll in her previous life)

At some point some guards come and demand that Harper present himself to the Council of Eight, the ruling group in Pelor's Hope. Harper knows it as a Council of Nine but it's Eight now since House Harper has been dissolved.


  • The origin of Aludra's Boob Burritos.
  • Also, this is the first instance of Old Man Weck appearing in a place he shouldn't be to deliver information to the party or ask questions they're all not asking.
  • First mention of Steve Meloncamp, though not by name.
  • First mention of Jaela's previous life, Rhavar

Quest Log Updates

  • [On-hold] - End the Demon Apocalypse by destroying the Demon Portal
  • [NEW][Active] - Find Adira Harper
    • [NEW][Active] - Investigate the "Devil" situation northwest of Mastwick
  • [NEW][On-hold] - Find Bucky
    • [NEW][On-hold] - Investigate the "Gnoll" situation southwest of the burning hole where Caer used to be
  • [NEW][Active] - Speak to the Council of Eight
    • [NEW][Active] - Get House Harper reintated into the Council