Episode 85 - Once More Through the Wyrmhole Part 2

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Episode 85 - Once More Through the Wyrmhole Part 2

As things go from dicey to chaotic the gang continues to fight off both a dragon and an elf’s bedtime. Will we do enough damage to make this foul beast flee from our impressive might? Or will we find out that this dragon is boring to fight and move on? Only time will tell, dear readers!

Cast and Player Characters


  • The Dream World?


The party, minus Thom but plus Aelar and Rolen Twentais continue to fight the blue dragon. It seriously does not go well. Thrifty crits real hard all the time and the party rolls terribly. They are saved when Owen decides to go to bed and Thrifty makes the wise decision to not make the party continue to fight the dragon. They end up just talking about Jaeludra fanfiction and how Thrifty is trashed on sake. So a pretty good episode actually.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete/Failed?] - Defeat the Large Blue Dragon