Episode 86 - The Council of Eight

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{From left to right:} Jennifer Cheek as Aludra Wyrmsbane, Mike Bachmann as Thom Vidalis, Michael DiMauro as the Dungeon Master, and Tim Lanning as Lord Titus Harper
"A new adventure... fucking begins. Bitch." ~ Lord Titus Harper


Episode 86 - The Council of Eight

After a rough night our heroes are not quite ready for their council meeting in the morning. Pelor’s Hope is a lot different from any city we have been to this campaign so they must be on their best behavior when they meet their leaders. Plus, it is the only city that we know still exists, which means it is the worlds only hope. Unless Jaela’s town is cool. Who can say?

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After waking up from their strange dream of dragons with sand in their pants (or scales) the party is met by High Cleric Orville of Pelor. He welcomes Jaela to the Council of Eight meeting as the Representative of the Faith. They ask if there is food and since there is they decide to go.

At the meeting there is a Representative of the Arcane named Zird from The White Spire. Harper tries to reinstate the Harpers as one of the nine families of Pelor's Hope but is unsuccessful as there is only one of him left. Even if Adira Harper is alive the Harper family isn't strong enough to remain a high house. The members of the council then basically fill out the quest log for the next while by explaining what shit is going down in this demon ridden world:

They also mention potentially getting help from the Dwarves in Deephome and the elves in Galanthus.

There is a lot of debate about what to do in what order because Harper also really wants to save his sister. Eventually they decide to get the Church of Bahamut to help them fight the gnolls and they will also try to rescue Harper's sister. Also Zird is going to come with them.


  • First appearance of Zird.
  • It is said that Mind Flayers have taken up in The Swamps of Ichtaka, but seeing as how much time is spent there later with no mention of them, this plot point may have been forgotten about/dropped.
  • First mention of Deephome (I think).
  • First mention of Galanthus (I think).
  • Origin of the joke that Nika and Jennifer Cheek are the same person named Girl, who plays Jaela and Aludra.

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