Episode 88 - Under the Dome

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Episode 88 - Under the Dome

When you bake a cake you don’t turn the oven on before you even know if you have all the ingredients, ya know? So, why would you decide to fight a hoard of demons before you know if you had the metaphorical eggs? I would wager that you would not. Luckily, Pelor’s Hope finest decide to be those “eggs” and to gift us some “flour” before our harrowing journey begins. And yes, the yeast in this metaphor is friendship, obviously.

Cast and Player Characters

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After kicking out their conquests from the night before the party heads down to the main gate to finally leave the city. On the way Harper shows off a bunch of cool new stuff that he picked up. Before they leave the city Lord Dorim Morgan meets them and lets them know that it won't be so easy to leave the city. He shows them that the city is protected by a magic force field and once they leave it there will be demons galore. He explains that they will be accompanied by the Sun Shields, led by his son Captain Airim Morgan. Airim was actually good friends and former bunkmates with Lord Phaze Harper, Titus's dickish brother.

Dorim Morgan gives everybody presents to help with their quest, but for Harper he promises to restore his family if they are successful. A mage from the White Spire casts an invisibility spell on them to hide them while the Sun Shields distract the demons. However as they leave the city, their Erathis tattoos begin to glow, and they lose their invisibility.


  • Airim Morgan was probably lovers with Phaze Harper, though this may be wishful thinking. I don't remember if this was confirmed in the episode

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