Episode 89 - Pelor's Last Hope

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Episode 89 - Pelor's Last Hope

After thoroughly prepping our hearts and minds for the oncoming quests we set out to leave the comforts of Pelor’s Hope behind. There was just one, tiny problem standing in our way – a huge armor of demons. Luckily, we had the Sun Shields to help up escape from the city. Plus, the “friend” of Harper’s brother, Phaze Harper, personally defended us on our escape. Zird came too.

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The party is heading out the gates of Pelor's Hope and there are demons absolutely everywhere. And somewhat unhelpfully, their Erathis tattoos have started glowing bright blue, probably to warn them of demons. Which they were basically already aware of. Their invisibility is gone so it's skill challenge time!

Jaela starts off by percepting which way to go and directing the party the best escape route.

Aludra lashes out with her spectral thorns to wrap up some demons.

Harper wants to get some of the Vrocks off of the Sun Shields, so he blasts them with a force explosion. It gives the Sun Shields enough time to recoup.

Thom identifies the leader of the Vrocks and manages to swing up Legolas style and ride the Vrock, directing them away from the battle.

Jaela wants to blast the Vrocks with the radiant light of Erathis, but somehow fails even though her religion skill is dope. But she action points and gets a 34, so don't even worry.

Aludra tries to jump up and swipe at some Vrocks, but she fails miserably and ends up with her face in Jaela's boobs.

Harper tries to intimidate the Vrocks uses all his magic shit, and he looks pretty rad.

Now atop the Vrock, Thom uses his Amulet of Seduction to make the lead Vrock fall in love with him. Even though he rolls a crit 20, he offers to chug a Raspberita in exchange for his action succeeding. It is possibly the most on brand thing that has ever happened. Thom tells the Vrock to fly away and that he'll join it in the morning. That Vrock is going to be pissed in the morning.

Jaela acrobatically swings around and kicks some Vrocks in the face before leading them all to safety.

That night they camp safely and the watches all pass without incident. But when they awake in the morning, Zird is nowhere to be seen.

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