Episode 90 - Somewhere Beyond the Sea

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Episode 90 - Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Hey gang, let me level with ya, this is an amazing episode. It is different. It is a little strange. But, please listen with your entire family in order to bring them all together. The entire cast agreed that episode 90 & 91 were some of their favorites. We tried something a little different, so don’t be afraid since we will return to our normal… selves.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The episode starts with Thrifty reminding the player's that they really do need to find Zird, even if they don't like him very much. He is not particularly successful.

Jaela starts to go pale and says she is receiving a memory from her past life. She joins hands with the party and they all experience the memory together, through different bodies.


Mike Bachmann is playing Steve Meloncamp, the gnoll.

Nika is Rhavar the Cleric

Jennifer is Temerity Barakas the Warlock

Tim is Telir the Monk

A gnome named Avram is asking the party about their adventures while they drink in a bar in Yangahr. Steve starts by explaining that where he comes from there are many types of camps and gnolls take their names from the crops they grow at their camp. Rhavar tells them all that he just finished slaying an Ancient Red Dragon and rescuing kittens. Temerity laughingly explains how she cheated the shirt off a Tiefling using her weighted dice. Temerity has a very vague sense of the rules. Telir basically spouts off a lot of bad metaphors before revealing he has drunk 24 beers, and probably shouldn't be trusted. He says it's his birthday this week, making him an adult in the elf world, so he's on a spirit quest. More bad poetic sentences are said. Avram asks everybody if they've heard about the demon invasion in Caer but they brush it off as rumor.

They get summoned to the White Spire, and leave only to see it get sliced in half and basically explode in front of them. They argue over whether it's a sign from a God or not, Steve mediates them as always. He's just so darn nice. They walk down Japanese Maple Street towards the White Spire. As they get close little wisps of light get close and gather around them and stick to them. A large glowing mass approaches them, eventually revealed to be a woman named Mordenkainen. She asks for their help vis a vie the fucked up tower and the fate of the world. She confirms the Demon Apocalypse and tells the party the demons are looking for the Demonomicon, which she gives to them. They need to keep it safe from demons and take it to Caer to close the portal. She tells them to find the Cleric of Erathis, Fennekin, will help them. Awkward. Mordenkainen tells them that if they are about to be captured, they can smash a vial she gives them which will open a portal to a safe place. They can only do that as a last resort. She tells them that she has chartered a boat full of Westerners called the Chum Guzzler. But before they can get there they are attacked by demons.

They fight the demons, showing off all their cool new 5E classes and stuff. Steve has to put a demon dog out of it's pain, it's very moving. After the battle, we end the episode.


  • Fifth Edition, baby!!!
  • First Appearance of Steve Meloncamp
  • First/only episode set in Yangahr
  • Earliest appearance of Jaela, though not in her Jaela form
  • First appearance of Mordenkainen
  • First time the boat is refered to as the Chum Guzzler?

Quest Log Updates