Episode 91 - Somewhere Beyond the Sea Part 2

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Thom Vidalis hates gnolls! (is this Steve Meloncamp?


Episode 91 - Somewhere Beyond the Sea Part 2

With the gang experiencing a pretty strong and realistic spiritual experience through Jaela’s past life, they continue on in their new strange bodies. Now we are really stretching our 5e bodies as we continue our quest to the sea and beyond. Funny thing, can’t help but feel like something bad will happen. Can’t shake and I don’t know why...

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



After defeating/euthanizing the demons that attack them, the Yangahr crew head out to meet the boat that is supposed to take them to Caer. They find the Chum Guzzler and meet First Mate Xantolin and Captain Winston. The boat casts off and travels for a while before they are attacked by huge flying demons. Steve tries to talk nice with them but they light him on fire. Everybody runs below deck to escape. They decide to use the magic vial to create the portal so Steve can escape.

Steve jumps through the portal, and is crushed to death when it leaves him at the bottom of the ocean.


  • The Death of Steve Meloncamp
  • Xantolin is First Mate aboard the Chum Guzzler, while Winston is Captain

Quest Log Updates