Episode 92 - Vrock and Roll

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Episode 92 - Vrock and Roll

Having successfully had an out-of-body experience, the gang readies itself for its largest quest to date – saving the world from a band pesky demons. Now that we have left the safety of Pelor’s Hope and seen first hand what happened to another not-so-lucky band of adventurers the reality of our situation is weighing heavily on our hearts. Not since that cursed temple have we been so afraid to make a decision. Fear is indeed the mind killer.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



After waking up from their shared vision/dream thing the gang has a multitude of reactions to it. Thom mostly just vomits in the bushes because he spent so much time being a gnoll. Zird shows up and asks if they have any honey, because he's been having brunch with gnomes and they need honey. There is a lot of argument over what the hell that even means, and what is just going on in Zird's head. Particularly because he thinks the doorknob to the gnome's house is in a tree.

Unfortunately Thom forgot about the Vrock that he seduced and abandoned, and she is PISSED. A group of Vrocks attack them and the party tries to remember how to do 4E combat. Zird joins the fight in a whirling tornado of knives, but isn't the best at aiming and damages Jaela. But once they defeat the Vrocks, she is so nice that she doesn't hold it against him.


  • This episode marks the beginning of Zird's love for honey. Remember this, children

Quest Log Updates