Episode 93 - Croaked

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The sexy af Lord Titus Harper


Episode 93 - Croaked

In this week’s spellbinding episode Zird gives the adventurers some advice on what to do. He also deals with Harper, wizard style. It was embarrassing. But, fortunately, the gang may be closer to recovering the Demonomicon. Which is cool and rad.

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This episode has an unsettling amount of talk about having sex with Pokemon. It's really going to mess with our Google stats.

Harper realizes that the amulet for locating his sister now no longer points north, and it points east. They realize that the amulet has possibly been reprogrammed (or never did point to Adira) to point towards the Demonomicon. Harper gets very antagonistic towards Jaela, because she is adorable and he can't handle that. Jaela gives him the Ancient Creme Brulee and Harper flips the fuck out with happiness. Harper sends another message to his sister and she tells him that she is to the north, and that she is being worked as a slave. Aludra gets fed up with this and gives Harper a talking to about being nice to Jaela. Zird points out that using the Demonomicon to close the portal to the Abyss is the best way to help the whole world, rather than just one person. He tells them that he can conjure a submarine if they can get him: honey, a shark fin, and the soul of an air elemental.

At this point Thom wakes up from a drunken stupor and is very disoriented. Harper points out that they have no real way of getting to the Demonomicon without trusting Zird, which is suspect. Harper accuses Zird of being bad at magic and Zird turns him into a toad. Zird wants to keep him like that for a while but Jaela convinces him to change him back. Harper does not remember being a toad at all. They argue more and decide to get the components for Zird.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - End the Demon Apocalypse by destroying the Demon Portal
    • [Active] - Find the Demonomicon
      • [NEW][Active] - Have Zird create a magical submarine to get to the Demonomicon
        • [NEW][Active] - Retrieve the honey for Zird
        • [NEW][Active] - Retrieve the shark fin for Zird
        • [NEW][Active] - Retrieve the soul of an air elemental for Zird
  • [On-hold] - Find Adira Harper
    • [On-hold] - Investigate the "Devil" situation northwest of Mastwick
  • [On-hold] - Find Bucky
    • [On-hold] - Investigate the "Gnoll" situation southwest of the burning hole where Caer used to be
  • [Optional] - Clean up Drunkeros