Episode 94 - Words are Wind

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Aludra Wyrmsbane perring a frog


Episode 94 - Words are Wind

With the gang at an apparent crossroads and tensions running high, they have to make a choice – do they trust the partially insane wizard to conjure up a submarine and venture off in search of the Demonomicon? Or do they continue on to the Army of Bahamut and Harper’s sister? Sometimes I have no idea how we get ourselves in these situations.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



This episode picks up with pretty much the same argument from last week: Harper wants to rescue his sister and the rest of the group want to get the Demonomicon. They decide (somewhat against his will) to get the components for Zird, starting with the air elemental.

The air elemental is pretty tough, and it beats up on Jaela pretty bad. But she gets her revenge and defeats it so Zird can gather the elemental up in a big baglike bladder. Thom confronts Zird about being a loose cannon, and then things get sexy. Obvi.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - End the Demon Apocalypse by destroying the Demon Portal
    • [Active] - Find the Demonomicon
      • [Active] - Have Zird create a magical submarine to get to the Demonomicon
        • [Active] - Retrieve the honey for Zird
        • [Active] - Retrieve the shark fin for Zird
        • [Complete] - Retrieve the soul of an air elemental for Zird
  • [On-hold] - Find Adira Harper
    • [On-hold] - Investigate the "Devil" situation northwest of Mastwick
  • [On-hold] - Find Bucky
    • [On-hold] - Investigate the "Gnoll" situation southwest of the burning hole where Caer used to be
  • [Optional] - Clean up Drunkeros