Episode 96 - Into the Depths

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Episode 96 - Into the Depths

Now that everyone is on the same page, the gang prepares itself for a magical voyage beneath the waves. But wouldn’t you know it? Zird is not as prepared as we would have wanted for this dangerous trip. I know, I am just as surprised as you. What are friends for, right? I am sure you have helped your zany buddy with a magical apparatus at some point in your life.

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Semi convinced that they won't all die on the submarine, the gang gets inside and takes a look around. Zird gives them a quick tour of the The Belafonte, showing off the kitchen, sauna, and observation bubble. They haven't actually dived yet. While Jaela and Zird are having a nice moment up top, Jaela notices a large flying demon heading their way. Turns out Zird has never actually submerged this submarine before and doesn't really know how. With a skill challenge they get the submarine going and get rid of the demon. Once under the water they start driving the submarine towards the Demonomicon, guided by Harper's amulet. Jaela and Aludra head down to the observation bubble, where they witness the majesty (and romance) of the ocean. Also there is a very political whale down there.


  • This episode introduces The Bapperson Rule, stating that rolling a Nat20 for the recap roll grants you the option to choose who will be the one to give the recap. Alternately, if a Nat1 is rolled, the roller automatically has to give the recap, no matter one. According to this episode, a 1 beats a 20.

Quest Log Updates