Episode 97 - The Mysteries of the Deep

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Le'go(tm) Thom, Harper, Aludra, and Jaela
"Don't leave me with Thom again..." ~ Lord Titus Harper


Episode 97 - The Mysteries of the Deep

Somehow we have survived a few vital moments longer on Zird’s magical submarine, the Belefonte. Our ultimate prize, the Demonomicon should be somewhere on the bottom of the ocean floor neatly tucked into the dead corpse of Steve the Gnoll. Let’s hope that nothing goes awry – this being an odd numbered episode and all.

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Jaela and Aludra, secluded in the observation bay of Zird's Submarine The Belefonte, stop smooching long enough to see thousands of shambling figures walking along the bottom of the ocean toward the party's destination.

Titus Harper ponders how these zombies on the ocean floor are connected with Shadowspar Keep, but is shortly interrupted by Zird: he's spotted a large ship on the ocean floor nearby - The legendary ship, The Yamato.

Zird gives the party "Rings of Aquatic Ability" in order to investigate the drowned ship safely. The party, naturally, does not trust the wizard and his contraptions at first, but once Jaela dons the ring and ventures into the water, the rest of the party follows suit, expecting to die horribly in the water.

Only after they are outside the sub and heading toward the ship does the party realize there is literally no reason for them to be wasting time searching a ship, only to have the hatch close behind them. They discuss friendship for a very long time, then finally decide to swim to the ship.

The party locates the treasure room without incident and find three large locked chests inside the room. One chest contains old food, one contains old clothes and nick knacks, and the third chest contains actual, no joke, treasure: Amber, Garnet, Topaz, Jade, Moon Stone, and Sapphires (The total gold value: 30,000) - an ivory comb, silver tiara, a pair of ivory handled cutlasses with hilts shaped like wanton women, and three magic items: a belt of giant strength, a blasting circlet, and a ring of fury.

The party does not tell Zird of their findings on the boat and instead secret themselves away into their room to inspect the gear they found.

They travel for another seven days, at which point they find the amulet is pointing straight down to the ocean floor. The skeleton of Steve Meloncamp is found, clutching a satchel in the sandy ocean floor. Thom Vidalis volunteers to investigate the scene: purposefully wrenching some of Steve's limbs apart in the process. Thom pulls the Demonomicon from the bag, inspects it, and swims back to the submarine.

The ground begins to roil under where the demonomicon rested. Inside the submarine, Thom begins acting strangely. He begins to gag and seize up... Until everyone realizes that Thom has been inhabited by the spirit of Steve Meloncamp!


  • The beginning of Steve's inhabiting Thom's mind

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