Episode 99 - Horror on the Ocean Floor

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Lord Titus Harper regrets his life decisions
"He's about to get his just de-zird-s!" ~ Lord Titus Harper


Episode 99 - Horror on the Ocean Floor

With last week’s chilling revelation the gang tries to make sense of their current Thom/ Steve predicament. Who knows what horrors are going on in the mind of Thom Dragonborn. One can only guess, but one would never want to know first hand. Just when we thought things couldn’t get dicier we received a chilling message from an old friend.

Cast and Player Characters

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Having collected the Demonomicon, and seeing some strange things happen to Thom, the party gets attacked by swarms of zombies while a Storm Giant clutches the ship. Zird can get them out, but they need to defend him for a minute so he can do the spell. Jaela absolutely cuts a swath through these zombies, angering Thrifty greatly.

Quest Log Updates