Episode 9 - Drunkisode 2

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 9

Title: Drunkisode 2

Air Date: 10/23/2013

Length: 01:25

Swear Jar Count: 28. Josh had a 25% chance of death on a critical failure.

Next Episode: Episode 10 - Crazy Train

Previous Episode: Bloopisode 1

From the Website

Drunkisode Part 2: Electric boogaloo! The Gang gather information at a DC hotel and run into an old friend. SUSPENSE!

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu & Friends...

The investigators follow the lantern (carried by the nightgaunt) back to a hotel. They run inside to see it sitting on a table. At the table was an older man (Nyarlathotep) who gives the latern back to them.

Vaeda is discovered to be alive, but seems to have no recollection of them.

They spend the eventing at the hotel. Jack tries his best to get to the botton of what is going on with Vaeda. Unforutantely, Anya finds that some sort of ritual has been cast upon her and Vaeda is stuck in her own world.

At this point, they identify that there is a key that they don't have. They call the laywer, Bill, and find that a Jane Doe has been submitted to a hospital in Boston from the university with an odd thing on her apendage.

Upon investigating at the hospital, they find the key embeded in her hand. Jack, in trying to rouse the patient, unforunately overdoses her and she dies. He promptly goes insane.

Noteworthy Details

This was our first Live Stream episode

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