Footpad Calor

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Footpad Calor
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Alias(es): Magsman Calor
Race: Human
Class: Rouge
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Bitten in half by Pyre for failing to bring him four Slaadi, later revealed to have survived
Affiliations: Darkblades
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 39 - Settling up with the Darkblades
Last Episode: Episode 365 - Ticket To Ride
MISC Info: Real name was Footpad Calor, but was also the rank of Footpad, then later Robber, so at one point, he was Footpad Footpad Calor. Later became Magsman Footpad Calor

Magsman Footpad Calor was a Darkblade who would occasionally assist the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons during their travels. He initially served as Tum Thumble's contact within the Darkblades but eventually became a liaison for the whole party. Worked with Tum on the quest to steal Blood Drinker.

When the party returned to Mastwick after the Demon Apocalypse they met Calor once again, but he had risen in rank to Robber Calor since the last time the group had seen him. It is then revealed that his first name is actually Footpad. So, technically he was Footpad Footpad Calor then became Robber Footpad Calor. Shortly after, he brought the group before Pyre and was bitten in half. Later, revealed to have somehow survived, and was promoted to the rank of Magsman.

He also served as recruit trainer for young Darkblades. See Darkblade Academy for more details.


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