Game 1 - Main Street

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The Main Street playset is set in a small Southern town which just so happens to be based off of Jennifer Cheek's real hometown. The first game is broken into two parts, part one and part two.



  • Sara-Beth Reese played by Jennifer Cheek who is a coworker of Kurt Renford and an AA sponsor of Travis White.
  • Kurt Renford played by Michael "Thrifty Nerd" DiMauro who works with Sara-Beth and has a romantic encounter with Senator Rick Stevens. He also has a need to get rich through political backscratching.
  • Travis White played by Tim Lanning who is the estranged father of Tucker Black and a recovering alcoholic.
  • Tucker Black played by guest host Eric Feay who is the social media intern of Senator Rick Stevens and the son of Travis White. He and Rick Stevens have a need to get even with Travis.
  • Senator Rick Stevens played by Mike Bachmann who is a Senator from this town who has a romantic affair with Kurt Renford.


  • Davenport's Tractor and Tire
  • The Football Field
  • The Old Textile Factory
  • The Airport


  • Rick Steven's Airplane


Senator Rick Stevens is in town with his intern Tucker Black as part of a press tour. While almost everybody in town is at the local football game Tucker finds that the tires on their plane have been slashed. He goes down to Davenport's Tractor and Tire to get some new tires where Kurt Renford is working because he doesn't like being reminded of his football past. When Tucker mentions that the tires are for Rick Stevens Kurt immediately refuses to sell tires to him and Tucker goes off in a huff.

Back at the football game Sara-Beth and Travis talk about how he fell off the wagon and drank some whisky that morning. Travis is really bummed out because his son has come to town and not even told him. Sara-Beth tries to convince him to make amends but it doesn't work so well. Then Sara-Beth goes and eavesdrops while Tucker tells Rick Stevens they can't fly out. She interrupts and tells them that she's the office manager of the tire shop and invites them over to hook them up with tires.

Once at the tire shop it is immediately evident that there is some awkwardness between Kurt and Rick Stevens. Kurt reveals that he slashed the plane's tires but Tucker can't get any cell reception to expose them. Kurt reveals their steamy affair and demands 50,000 in cash while Sara-Beth records the whole thing on her randomly appearing smartphone. Rick Stevens calls Kurt's bluff and pulls 50,000 in cash out of his pocket and gives it to Kurt.

We then flash back to earlier in the night for Kurt and Rick Steven's passionate fling. Rick had responded to Kurt's Craigslist ad for a casual encounter, "Looking for wealthy politician for one night stand." Kurt assures Rick that he has 17 condoms and he is going to use them all at once. And as far as we know, he does.

Then we have another quick flashback where it's revealed the Sara-Beth and Kurt have been planning to extort Rick Stevens from the beginning to save their tire store. Kurt convinces Travis to slash the plane's tires after bumming him out about Tucker coming to town. But Travis collapses into a weeping drunk heap before he's able to slash the tires. It's really sad.

Then we go back to present time where Rick Stevens confronts Kurt about the real feelings they have for each other. Kurt admits that he is in love with Rick after some prodding.

Then we have the tilt where Thrifty and Tim decide on tragedy: confusion followed by pain, and mayhem: cold blooded score settling.

In the second half Rick Stevens and Kurt get their freak on together in the back of the tire shop. And everybody on the internet is so so happy. Tucker tries to swipe the cash while distracting Sara-Beth with tire talk. Since Kurt is "indisposed" Sara-Beth suggests getting Travis to put the tires on the plane. This turns out to be a great idea as Travis was waiting outside the tire store anyways. There are very disconcerting noises coming from the back of the tire shop. However Sara-Beth catches Tucker trying to grab the money, pulls a gun on him. We hear a gunshot but cut to a flashback where Tucker is going away to university. Tucker and Travis fight, and Travis tells him to never come back. Tucker says he won't and runs off. When we get back we find that Sara-Beth did indeed shoot Tucker, but it mostly just grazed him. He dips the money right in his own blood, because metaphors are hard.

Travis freaks out at Sara-Beth for shooting his son, and it turns out that he is a volunteer paramedic. Rick Stevens and Kurt re-emerge as Travis puts some gross rags on Tucker's wound. He then resumes insulting his injured son. Kurt demands that Rick Stevens tweet about their newfound love and Rick tells Tucker to do it. Tucker refuses and threatens Kurt for taking Rick away from him. Rick confronts Travis for raising Tucker so shittily and making him all confused about father figures. Rick douses Travis in whiskey and lights him on fire right there. Then somehow we find out that they were actually in the middle of the football field the whole time? And so the whole town just witnessed the senator lighting a man on fire. Rick and Tucker decide they need to kill the entire town. There is a discussion over whether to also kill Kurt and Sara-Beth, Kurt gets very offended that his lover would want to eliminate him. Sara-Beth runs off to find a cop, who turns out to be a misogynist and completely unhelpful.

Kurt and Sara-Beth run into each other and head down to the textile plant to try and stop the town burning. Kurt wants to run off with the money but Sara-Beth convinces him otherwise. At the textile mill Rick douses the entire town in kerosene when Kurt and Sara-Beth burst in warning the townsfolk of their imminent flameitude. They are unsuccessful and the entire town is lit on fire.