Geekly Random Encounters - Darkblades 6

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"Footpad, this is the very best mission you have ever sent us on: Let's go have sex with everybody!" ~ Xantolin




The gang is tasked with bringing back mucus from a Carrion Crawler. It is arguably the easiest mission they have ever been on.

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Non-Player Characters



The recruits are standing over the pile of dead demons. Sina, Batman stlye, investigates the victim, to see if she is the missing woman from the posts, and finds that she has whtie/blond hair, while the missing woman has dark hair. They argue over some coin they find on the body, not if they should loot it or not, but who gets the money they lifted. Wolfgar gets inspiration. Some guards arrive to question them, and thank them for slaying the demons, and give Dragonclaw a tin badge, signifying that he is an honorary member of the town guard. Rhaegar nearly blows his own cover, but doesn't. Xantolin pays the guard 5 gold, so that the woman can recieve a proper burial.

They go back to Footpad Calor for debriefing. Rhaegar is acting funny, and they ask for some healing for him, prefferably from Thoregg, but he got pinched again. He is healed using Cure Wounds by Honorary Town Guard Dragonclaw Wyverndrake, Bard Extraordinaire. They are all paid 20 gold, minus the debt owed by DC WD, who then goes off to a cleric of Pelor, named Doc, to deal with his hairy problem in their downtime. The cleric tells him he was probably bitten by a were-rat, and it is likely that he will change at the next full moon, whereupon he is welcome to return to the temple so that they could put him down. Doc also says that there are potions that could make him better, but they are not easy to acquire. If Dragonclaw were to return with a lot of gold, he might be able to do something. Sina asks around about the missing woman.

Footpad Calor gives them their next mission, to collect 5 vials of mucus from a Carrion Crawler. He says this is not pressing, so they can rest and do whatever else they want before hand. Speaking of hands, he gives them gloves so they don't get poisoned, and a kit for the extraction. They make haste to the sweres and soon find the corpse of a carrion crawler, and one of a person with a redish/orange robe. It seems the Crawler has already been de-mucused. Sina finds a bag with the needed 5 vials filled with the mucus. They return to Foorpad Calor with the mucus, taking the body with them, and also his robes, but they took those off first. Anyway, Foodpad Calor says that while they were gone there was another demon attack at the Temple of Pelor, and Doc was slain, to the dismay of Dragonclaw. He also informs them that some young girls have been going missing, who are all virgins. Calor takes this to mean that the Cult of Orcus is trying to speed along the Demon Apocalypse in Mastwick


  • Sam Brady was ill this episode.