Gold Bone Coin

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The Gold Bone Coin was rare item that would allow the wielder to challenge the four Masters of the game Bones. It is unclear how many of these exist in the world. It had a small skull on it.


Recent Events

Master Alder gave Skud Derringer this coin after saving his life from The Skull Bandits in the Monastery of Uthgar. He later saw a tournament of hundreds of trainers all battling together, and learned from Dodge Grabbit that they were fighting to win one of those coins, which would allow them the challenge the Masters. The fact that Skud had one, without having to enter this tournament, was of great surprise to Dodge.

Notable Owners


  • Could be said to have been modelled after the Iron Coin given to [REDACTED] in the hit tv show [REDACTED]. See the accompanying podcast, Cast of Thrones to learn more