Gruemar the Silver

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Gruemar the Silver
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human? Orc?
Class: unknown
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Stabbed with Blood Drinker by Thom Vidalis
Affiliations: Army of Bahamut
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 145 - An Illuminating Encounter
Last Episode: Episode 146 - An Illuminating Encounter Part 2
MISC Info: Gruemar's head was almost added to Thom's Body Parts, but he had to give it up to Adira

Gruemar the Silver was the leader of the Army of Bahamut. He led them to take over New Newfoundland Land, and was the target of the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons. Their quest was given to them by Lady Adira Harper, who refused to help them unless they brought back the head of the leader of the Army of Bahamut. They did that.