House Harper

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House Harper was the noble family that ruled Pelor's Hope. It is presumed that Lady Adira Harper is the ruling member of the house, as everyone else is dead. Her current status is unknown.

King Titus Harper married the Lady Ashayara Dayne at some point during the Five Year Gap, resulting in a union between the two houses. While Ashayara Dayne kept her surname, their six children bore the surname of their father.


  • Lord Anthony Harper - Father/Deceased
    • King Titus Harper - Predominant Character/Deceased
      • Prince Thom Harper - Oldest son, by Ashayara Dayne
      • Jarlton Harper - Son, by Ashayara Dayne
      • Anthony Harper - Son, by Ashayara Dayne
      • Adira Harper - Daughter, by Ashayara Dayne
      • Phase Harper - Son, by Ashayara Dayne
      • Zird Harper - Son, by Ashayara Dayne
    • Lord Jarlton Harper - Brother/Deceased
    • Lady Adira Harper - Sister
    • Lord Phase Harper - Brother/Deceased