House Wyrmsbane

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House Wyrmsbane (or the Wyrmsbane Clan) was the ruling family of the Dwarves. Predominantly made up of miners, the Wyrmsbanes ruled out of Deephome. Aludra Wyrmsbane became Queen due to her contributions during The War of Wyrmsbane Keep. She and her wife Jaela ruled together during and after the Seven Year Gap.

Another ruling family was the Oakbacks, and sometime around the year 1706, Aludra was set to marry a powerful member of that clan, Baldur Oakback. However, he was killed by a Nareevian the night before the wedding. This resulted in the Oakbacks attacking the Wyrmsbanes, in The War of Wyrmsbane Keep. Aludra and the rest of the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons were able to broker a peace between the two houses, and the war was ended.

Prominent Members

Other Dwarven Clans

  • Coppertone Clan - Bannermen to the Wyrmsbanes
  • Stevenson Clan - Bannermen to the Wyrmsbanes
  • Oakback Clan
  • Ironbeard Clan
  • Stoneborn Clan


  • Status: Still Functioning
  • Primary Location: Deephome