Immovable Rods

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Toby's Immovable Rods were two iron rods that, when a button is pressed, would become fixed in place, defying any law of physics, including gravity. They could each hold up to 8000 pounds, and could be moved up to 10 feet on a successful DC 30 STR check.

Recent Events

Toby Treacletart found the Immovable Rods in a Nareevian armory, and kept them with him ever since1. He gave one of them away during the 1709 Raw Fury Games, to a group from New Newfoundland Lander, but later found that group wounded, having been attacked by the group from Calsten. He then decided that the group was not worthy of having the rod, so he took it back2. Later, during the journey, the group came across a town on fire. Inside a burning tavern were two young children, who, after being rescued, gave the party some giant lizards to ride on. As thanks, Toby gave Timmy Lanning one of his Immovable Rods. He never got this back3.

Later, when The Tower of Grey was imprisoned in Grull, all the party's effects were taken, including the Immovable Rods4. They remained in Impound until the party got all their stuff back, whereupon Toby used one to bar the door, giving them all time to find the rest of their stuff and put on armor and whatnot5.

Notable Owners