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Alias(es): N/A
Race: God
Class: God
Status: God
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 302 - Never Have We Ever
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: N/A

Ioun was a goddess who was often associated with information. The Temple of Ioun in Caer, is where the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons found out the locations of The Whip of Binding, The Orb of Endless Power, and The Brazier of Worlds.

There was also a Temple of Ioun in Tarry Hollow.

Years later, when The Tower of Grey rescued Pelor from the Jade Pyramid, using a mysterious device known as The Orb, Pelor told the adventurers that they should go to Ioun to learn more about the Orb, as he knew little of it. He gave them a crystal which would take them there, and they used it to travel to The Great Library of Ioun where she lived. She had glowing eyes and stones floated around her head. Her fingers were stained with ink. She told the adventurers about the secret dark past of the Orb, and told them that they would have to destroy it after finding all the pieces. She also told them about two of the three remaining location the Orb showed them, such as the Nine Hells and the City of Brass in Elemental Plane of Fire.