Jessica Cheeks

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Jessica Cheeks
(Jennifer Cheek)
Jessica Cheek.jpg
Alias(es): N/A
Race: Tabaxi
Class: Cleric
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Paralyzed by supporters of Tiamat, then poisoned to death. Also, head removed, used in dragon ritual
Affiliations: New Newfoundland Land

The Baby-sitters Club

Appearances: First Episode: Episode 300 – Swords and Sobriety Episode 1: Tavern Troubles
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: Southern accent

Grey fur, golden eyes,

Jessica Cheeks was a Cleric from New Newfoundland Land, who worked with the town youth at the Temple of Sooni. She sometimes worked with Terrific Terry at the orphanage. She was friends with Steven Curtis Chapman, an elf orphan from the Temple who served as her right hand man.

A member of The Baby-sitters Club, she attempted to stop Mendelov's Marvelous Rainbow Tavern Company from corrupting the town, but failed. As a result, the Company, actually a team of Dragonborn, completed a ritual to bring Tiamat into the world. She was killed when one of them breathed poison breath on her, then chopped off her head, and used it in the ritual.