Josail Longshadow

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Josail Longshadow
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Alias(es): The Warden
Race: Human
Class: unknown
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Killed bby Rowan Grey and the rest of the The Tower of Grey
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 284 - Goodbye, My Son
Last Episode: Episode 299.5 - Power Fully Restored
MISC Info: Humanoid

Nose was all fucked up, broken and all

Short and squat

Josail Longshadow was a mercenary who was said to have worked with Torog, Lord of the Shadowfell. She was alleged to have ordered Tyson and Gagney to kill Tilly and Donnybrooke, then let Longshadow and others into Pelor's bedchambers, where they kidnapped the god1.

She was later revealed to be the Warden of Grull, a prison city. She lived somewhere in the city, and would visit the prisons once per week2.

Toby, during the party's escape from Grull, found a Crystal Ball of Telepathy, and used it to find Pelor. He found him, along with Torog, being held captive by Josail. The party sought out Josail, and killed her, saving the two gods