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Latigo is a human played by Michael "Thrifty Nerd" DiMauro and introduced in Shadowrun Episode 3. He wears a helmet and body armor and looks like he hasn't bathed for days. His skin is scabby, diseased looking. He is painfully thin, as if he has lost track of when he last ate. People have to remind him when to eat. His left arm from the elbow down is robotic. Overall, he's scraggily with a hollowed look in his eyes. Everything is a red haze for Latigo. He had a very invasive surgery done (wired reflexes), which amped his reflexes up to super-human levels. After this procedure, he was never the same. He now has the most tenuous grasp on humanity and so kills to feel. Loki thinks of Latigo as his Chewbacca, but Latigo just sees Loki as the one who provides him with things that Latigo can hurt.

In the astral, Latigo looks like a black void or black hole.